CLOVERCAT Waterproof Trading Card Binder, Storage Book with 3 Rings, 720 Double Sided Pocket Album (Yellow, 9 Pocket)

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  • WE GOT YOU COVERED: Enjoy better protection with our trading card / pokemon card binder's heavy duty structure. These card holders for trading cards are a great way to store and display your card collections and mini polaroid pictures long term.
  • WE KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Our 3-ring trading card holder is designed for convenience when adding or removing sheets. This 9-Pocket card collection binder has 40 pages of double-sided protective sheets. Holds up to 720 cards, providing plenty of space to get all your cards organized and it is easy to take with, because showing off your collection is half the fun!
  • TOUGH AS YOU ARE: The outside of this trading card case is made from durable and waterproof PU material. The card sleeves are made of durable, acid-free, waterproof clear polypropylene. We made this 3 ring sports card binder heavy duty to protect your trading cards from fading and staining.
  • PROTECT EVERYTHING: Our protective card sleeves fit all standard sized trading cards, such as Skylanders, Pokemon, football cards, baseball cards, playing cards, mini Polaroid photos and more!
  • INCLUDES: 1 trading/pokemon card holder binder and 40 pages of double sided protective sheets having 9 pockets per side for a total 720 pockets.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Carr
Pokemon Portfolio

This is ideal for a selective collector due to size, it only holds 360 cards (additional sleeves cannot added). As you know, as collector can quickly surpass a single Candor uses this for his EXTRA EXTRA (his words)- Expensive (my words) - Pokemon cards. He would have preferred that the cover have been solid, without wording.

Amanda Reyes
Spend money elsewhere

Poor quality materials used.

Stephen Smith
Great for the price

This is pretty nice for the price it is fake leather but sturdy when I fill this up with my yughio cards I will get another one it also came with the black card colders too double sided

Kelly Z.

the zipper was kinda loose but its ok. i finally got to store my poke cards :9.

Gregg Browning
Oh my god super sturdy. Worth every penny!!

The binder is very sturdy. I have been looking for trading card album with hard and stiff covers but I could not find it. This is the only binder that satisfied all my needs and more.